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2 Stages of Financial Freedom

The term Financial Freedom has been used extensively.  When I first came across these words, I thought that to be able to achieve financial freedom, I have to be a multimillionaire, travel first class, shop in Holt Renfrew, have chefs at home cooking food from local organic food markets and a full-time nanny, and spend most part of my year in Caribbean islands sipping Mojito.

But after a few years into my path as an investor and trader, I quickly realised that Financial Freedom was closer than I had thought.  And it is different for everyone, including me.  Financial Freedom has a lot to do with our mind and our abilities to independently create money regardless of our career or spouse situation.

If you look closely into anyone’s financial hurdles, you will see two main problems: psychologicaand physical financial problems.

In the end, Financial Freedom really boils down to two stages and when you are working toward your financial freedom, you will also experience two stages of breakthrough!

First Stage: Financial Peace

This is where you accumulate enough knowledge to break free from mental worries around money.  This is because you have become confident in your own ability to meet your financial needs independently.  Your physical assets or money may not be there yet but you now know so well that you will make it.  This is when you have very little or no worries about your financial needs.   This Stage, can be achieved right away, on completing the Financial Boot Camp.

Second Stage: Financial Freedom

“Financial freedom is the point in your life where you have freedom to choose to live the way you want.  Ultimately, FINANCIAL FREEDOM is where you have the income you need to live the lifestyle you choose without having to work because you HAVE TO but because you WANT TO”.

And for some, they will need a big pile of money in their bank account to live an upgraded lifestyle.  But those who enjoy a simple and peaceful lifestyle may need much less in their bank account.

So before starting the road to creating your wealth and your path to your financial freedom, it will be the most liberating if you know where you are at and what kind of life you want to lead.

Big hugs,


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