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Are you:

In a lay-off situation;

Getting a retirement;

In between relationships; 

In a relationship that doesn’t seem to go your way;

In a newborn situation;

In major life transitions; 

In search of satisfaction, joy and peace; or

Lost in mundane life?

We all know that change and challenge are good things. They allow us to grow and expand. It is no secret that the power to reinvent your life and live your dream is in these very situations.

So then what is it that is making you feel anxious, depressed, stressed, overwhelmed, fearful, insecure and so lost in life right now?

If change is supposed to be good, how can you make it good for you? What would be the best way to deal with transitioning? What is preventing you from having what you really want in life? If you are pondering over these kinds of questions, I would have to say congratulations for being one in a few who do not allow the tide to sweep off your feet. You are searching for the pathway to successful transition. And you will get it, trust me on this!

You have searched this far and still wonder what your glass or brick wall are between living a stuck life and living life freely. Do some of these sound familiar at the moment?

    • You lack clarity on what you truly want in life and a deeper reason that connects you to it.
    • You are doubting your identity, who you are. And you are asking yourself, can it be you to own that success and dream?
    • You feel a lack of purpose and vision for your life. You can hardly enjoy anything at the moment.
    • You often take one step forward and two steps backward because something is internally out of alignment. Your actions don’t seem to follow your vision.
    • Your background’s and culture’s values prevent you from following your new path.
    • Your past experiences, either recent or from childhood, keep coming back and putting you in a pool of emotions, clouding your mind, and freezing your productive actions.
    • You use the analytical brain for your profession and are very good with it. But now, it is working against you so that you end up with a messy mind during transition. It prevents you from moving forward.
    • You are missing out on strategies, tools, skills, or guidelines that you need to support you to cross over your transition.
    • You lack motivation and inspiration to breakthrough the old habit and routines, preventing you from taking advantage of new opportunities.
    • You lack the ability to interact and live in your current surroundings with peace and life balance.

There are just some examples that many smart people like you are facing during life’s major events. We know it is not an easy task to come out as a hero or heroine. But you are here now, and it is exactly where you need to be. Life on the other side will be rewarding, and it will be a new realm with a reinvented you.

If you are ready to get unstuck and live your life on your own terms faster, let’s talk about getting you back to life worth enjoying again!

Coaching Packages to Choose From


$ 525 One-off Payment
  • 3-session starter package :
  • 3 sessions: 60 minutes
  • 30-minute reflective call bonus
  • Extended time of up to 2 months
    to complete
  • 5% bonus discount on any money training packages
  • -

  • This package is for you if:
  • You want a forward momentum, but you feel like something is weighing you down
  • You have been trying to create a positive change, but you can’t sustain it
  • You are ready to get to the core and uproot that feeling that is working against you
  • You are ready to experience life from a place of freedom and love


$ 845 One-off Payment
  • This 5-session package includes:
  • 60-minute initial assessment and goal mapping session
  • 4 sessions: 45 minutes
  • Priority email support for the duration of the package
  • Extended time of up to 3 months to complete
  • 15% bonus discount on any money training packages
  • This package is for you if:
  • You have goals in your horizon but can’t make them a reality
  • You want to move on with confidence and get unstuck from an overwhelming life
  • You are ready for a new possibility
    and connection
  • You would feel at ease with some qualified help to bring structure and alignment back to your life


$ 1595 One-off Payment
  • This 10-session package includes:
  • 60-minute initial assessment and goal mapping session
  • 9 sessions: 45 minutes
  • Priority email and text support for the duration of package
  • Extended time of up to 5 months to complete
  • 20% bonus discount on any money training packages
  • This package is for you if:
  • You feel an inner drive wanting more out of your life
  • You are ready to experience a life full of light, satisfaction, confidence, and alignment
  • You want to be free from hidden
    past blockages
  • You are ready to create a new meaningful and passionate life

What happens after you register?

1. Set-up the first 45 mins exploration session (on me): this session will help you get clear of your goals that will most enrich and empower your life. We will explore and design a coaching session that will give you the best value within the selected time frame. Together we will design the program to ensure that you can celebrate after you graduate because you can achieve the life that fulfills you the most.

2. Decide on the schedule to meet, depending on your package.

3. Or, if at the end of the Exploration Session, you are not satisfied with the plan to move forward, we will refund you 100%. No risk on you.
We are here to support you to achieve remarkable progress towards your desired future. We are 100% confident in our team’s commitment to partner with you along your rewarding journey to arrive at your goals. However, we need you to be ready and committed to the journey.

You are the most important inventor of your life. Without you, nothing grows, nothing multiplies.

It is Sara’s coaching that made me realize the value of myself and approach to reaching my goals in my life. Sara is passionate, analytical, direct-to-the-point, and friendly. Sara has transformed herself to a top adviser, a coach, and a life-time friend.


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