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Financial Peace & Freedom Bootcamp


It is your time, and you are Ready for it!


Module One – Vision

Get clear on what is important to you and how it connects to your true self. Get your lifestyle and dreams in numbers and discover your financial peace number.

Module Two – Face the Demon

Uncover and break free from limiting beliefs around money by looking at the world through the eyes of successful investors.

Module Three – Money Management

Be enlightened about your entire money journey. Understand how money flows in and out of your life, and learn how to direct the flow like successful investors do.

Module Four – Compass

Discover your personal magic number that will navigate you through your wealth creation journey.

Module Five – Asset Allocation

Break free from financial jargon and discover asset allocation to create your own investment road map.

Module Six – Pricing & Valuation

Dive into the art and science of investment valuation within the stock market ecosystem and learn how to value a business and stock through fundamental analysis.

Module Seven – Technical Analysis

Learn the psychology behind a stock chart and understand technical trading and the timing of your investments.

Module Eight – Manage your Risk

Discover and develop a risk management strategy that matches your path to financial freedom road map.

Module Nine – Investment Strategy

Understand and step into the investment style that aligns with your current mindset using proven professional traders’ and investors’ strategies – from short term to medium term to long term.

Bonus – Investment Structuring, Account Types & Brokerages

Select the secure and efficient brokerage house and open an investing account. It is time to start your first (paper) investment!

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